by Phil Wade
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A lot of us finish our classes and commute back home, have a break, eat lunch or travel to another location to do another lesson. This ‘post-lesson’ time is usually when the lesson is still fresh in our minds and we process it. We think about what we did, what went well, what didn't go so well and maybe consider what could have been improved or what should be in the next one. These reflective activities help us make sense of what happened so we can develop as teachers.

This ebook contains 20 5-minute reflective ideas to help you process your last lesson or lessons. There are 20 so that you can do 1 every teaching day for a month. The 4 units focus on You (the teacher), Them (the students), the Lesson and finally the Content. You don't have to stick to the suggested order. Keep to the schedule though, so that every teaching day you teach, reflect and develop.

In the last unit, there are a few deeper overview questions to help you process your month of teaching reflection and move forward.